About the Owl

So here’s the obligatory “About Me” post. I love life! I love running, lifting weights, playing with my dog, eating food, drinking beer, playing video games, and I could go on and on. My point is, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to be healthy. You don’t have to be a gym rat to be active. You don’t have to be a health food nut to eat right.

I love lifting weights and working out, but I’ve still got some fat on me. I love eating healthy foods but I have a hard time turning down pizza. I’m a normal person, with a busy life, who wants to improve herself and help others improve. I have lots of goals fitness-wise: weight goals, lifting goals, run time goals. But hitting those goals doesn’t mean I’m done, all it means is that I will set new goals for myself.

Unicorn Fitness isn’t about getting jacked and supps and grunting and unhealthy body fat percentages. It’s not about spending hours in the gym. It’s not about eating chicken, rice, and broccoli for every meal. It’s about living healthy and still enjoying your life, and that’s what I’m about, too.

I’m also an ISSA certified personal trainer (email me and I can give you my name so that you can look me up in the ISSA database) and Air Force veteran. I know what it’s like to be very overweight and start working out after years of being sedentary. I also know what it’s like to run a half marathon and lift more than some of the guys at my gym.

I’m the Owl, and I’m always improving.