Simple Weight Lifting Guide


So maybe you’ve been out of the game for awhile and need a refresher or if you are just starting out. This is a great place to start. Here we will go over a basic routine and basic meal plan to help get you going toward your goals!

If you follow this guide, within two weeks you should feel more confident and stronger than you did previously.

If you are just starting out or getting back into to fitness it can be hard to push yourself everyday to make it out to the gym.  I want you to go to the gym three to five days for two weeks.  You will feel sore, everyone gets sore.

This workout plan will be like this, Day 1 weight lifting, Day 2 Cardio Abs, Day 3 Weight lifting, Day 4 Cardio Calves, Day 5 Legs. But you are like “Where is day 6 and day 7?”, well those are the off days you will have. You could rearrange this workout to fit your schedule and have an off day then. Say if an emergency came up or whatever. Or you can use both off days in a row like Saturday and Sunday or Monday Tuesday whatever. So to reiterate if you missed Monday and you were starting your day 1 then you could just move Day 1 to Tuesday and then continue from there. The important part in the beginning is that you go for two weeks pretty solid. So you get into the habit of going. People that start working out during New Years or before Spring Break etc they usually will not last because they never built the routine or created the habit of going. They want to be in great shape and already paid and signed up for the gym but just didn’t keep going.

If you can’t go to any gym for any reason or would rather work out at home don’t worry I have based the workout on accessibility but it still requires some kind of resistance.


Pre Workout

It’s very important to warm up. … . .. .. . VERY IMPORTANT.

You can expect your body to go from little to no activity to full on sprint etc. You have to warm up first.


Basic 3 day workout spread!

Basic rule do one or two sets with a lighter weight than normal on your first movement of the day to help insure you are warmed up.

Your form is more important than the amount of weight you lift. YOUR FORM IS IMPORTANT.  You can injure yourself and basically train the wrong muscles trying to lift too much weight. Example; A guy doing bicep curls and he’s slinging the weights up using momentum and his back instead of the target muscle group the Biceps. It will take time to have your form to be extremely good. You at least want to think about this main principle; Use the muscles you are intending to work. For example during bench press you want to contract the chest and push with your triceps. The Chest is the main muscle group being worked and Triceps are secondary here.

Chest Tris

4 Sets 10 Reps

Flat bench press, Flat fly, Incline bench, incline fly,

triceps extensions kick back, overhead,  lying triceps extensions


Back Bis

4 Sets 10 Reps

Deadlifts, Pullups, Bent over one arm rows

Standing curls, Hammer curls, Incline curls



Extra 2 days do Cardio



Clean meats


Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes


Only drink water



#1 Keep Going.

#2 You are going to make mistakes, drop weights by accident, maybe do movements wrong if you don’t watch yourself etc. It happens to everyone.

#3 Don’t push yourself too hard.

#4 Take it slow. Take your time. Working out is not a race. Injuries are more likely to happen when you are rushing or overdoing something.

#5 If you work in a gym and not at home, just remember that the other people there show up to get in shape just like you. Nothing makes them any better than you.

#6 You can be in as good of shape as anyone else. “Attainable” Is a word used a lot these days.

#7 Commit. Commit to this. You won’t regret it. You will build strength and feel more confident.

#8 Listen to your body. If you feel something not right stop doing it before it gets worse. Make sure you warm up before lifting.


Keep going