Make an effort today!

Make an effort today to change your life. Even if it is the smallest step. Not drinking a soda or maybe not having that ice cream you like before bed, will go a long way for such small step.

  • If you snack often replace those snacks with Strawberries or another fruit
  • If you eat out too much, tonight prepare your own meal.
  • If you drink soda a lot, today try to just drink one soda. Get yourself some water to drink the rest of the day.
  • If you can do something nice for someone else but also get some walking in you should take that opportunity. Such as getting the mail.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself. “I can do this”.

These small steps can lead to huge change. Think about it like you would a savings account. You put a little money in each week and eventually you will have a lot. Inspired by the small results, sometimes you might even notice yourself wanting to put more money in just to help it grow faster.

You are doing great! I want you to keep going!

New Year’s

I know a lot of you might have just started working out on a New Year’s Resolution. About now is when people start quitting, if you are reading this, please keep going.  The gym will thin out and you will notice only the people who are serious about their health will be left. You will be one of those people.

Keep Going!

If you are struggling with motivating yourself to continue  your weight loss or gaining muscle, keep going. Keep going. KEEP GOING.